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It’s been a while. I’m back with a theme requested by Mara and it’s all about Paramore.


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Popularity: 98% [?]

The newest season of 24 started last week and so far, I’m having my face melted by Jack Bauer and his awesome friends. So it shouldn’t be a surprise for you guys if my next Plurk theme is based on 24. And yes, it’s purely a coincidence that I made this theme on January 24. Honest.

Bauer Power

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Popularity: 82% [?]

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Heroes

Philippine Blog Award Winner Bim Barbieto requested has been constantly requesting for a Daredevil theme since I don’t know when and I finally got to doing it. Hopefully, he’ll stop bugging me already.


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Popularity: 100% [?]


To commemorate PCT Emporium’s first New Year, I made this Plurk theme I call Fireworks that features (DUH) fireworks. I tweaked the timeline image a little bit. It has a sort of lomo effect to it that hopefully sets it apart from the page background.

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Popularity: 66% [?]

Pau, the gay who blogs at Faded Boxers, requested for a Dr. Horrible Plurk theme. I for one think that he doesn’t really want a new Plurk profile theme. He just wants to spite me because, although Dr. Horrible is quite popular with the Internet crowd, there’s a surprisingly little amount of quality Dr. Horrible images out there that I can work with. What a douche.


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Popularity: 65% [?]